Central Courts

Presents The

26th Annual Minnesota State Wallyball Tournament

Sponsored by:
The Wallyball Information Network
(A non-profit Organization)

Place: 5160 Central Ave NE
    Columbia Heights, Mn 55421

Time:  March 28, 29, 30

Entry Fee Includes:      Snacks, Gatorade, and a Tournament T-Shirt
                                          Additional Tournament T-Shirts available for sale. 

Entry Deadline:      $30 for first event. $25 for each additional event.  (per player)
                                          Entry fee is paid during player registration prior to play (cash or check only).
                                          Make Checks payable to the Wallyball Information Network (WIN!)
                                          Entries will be accepted after deadline. Awards will be based on entries received                                               before deadline.
                                          Awards given to top team(s) in each division.

Registration:   Starts 1 hours befor posted start time. See each event.

Tournament Directors:Steve Fuhrman, Lori Ellsworth, George Schneider

Official Rules:        Wallyball Information Network (WIN!) rules apply. A rulebook is available on-line at                                            www.wally.ball.net

Divisions Offered:Open, Advanced, Intermediate, Recreational. Teams are required to sign-up for a                                               division.
                                         Please see website for explanation of divisions and rules at www.wally.ball.net

Tournament Format:   Friday - March 28th – Entry deadline March 23rd
                                          [6:00 PM - 11:30 PM] - King & Queen Tournament
     Intermediate & Advanced/Open Divisions
                                          Saturday - March 29th - – Entry deadline March 23rd
                                          [ 9:30 AM] - Men's / Women’s Triples (4's Also)
                                          Sunday - March 30th - – Entry deadline March 23rd
                                          [12:30 PM] – Co-Rec Triples (4's also)

To Register:     Email Tournament_Director@wallyball-info.com  or call 612-581-7718