Lori Ellsworth
President - Wallyball Information Network
Co-Founder - Wallyball Information Network
Board of Directors - Wallyball Information Network
Certified WIN! Tournament Director (150+ Tournaments)
Certified WIN! League Director  
League and Tournament Chair  - Wallyball Information Network
1999 - 2002 AUWP (US Wallyball) Secretary
1999 - 2002 AUWP (US Wallyball) Board of Directors
1998 - 2005 Minnesota Wallyball Board of Directors
Lori is originally from Illinois.  She moved to Minnesota in 1980.  Lori began playing wallyball in Minnesota in 1986. She originally played 4 on 4 with a group of co-workers during her lunch hours. She did play a version "wallyball" for the first time in the mid 1970's in High School. 

Lori began playing in tournaments in the mid 90’s and won the very first tournament she entered. As Lori’s involvement with wallyball grew, she began attending tournaments out of the Minnesota area, including 10 national events. Lori currently is a 7-time national wallyball champion and been national runner up three times in co-rec doubles,. She keeps her competitive edge by playing in men’s leagues in volleyball and wallyball. 

An avid and frequent volleyball player, Lori finds wallyball more challenging and enjoys catching up with her wallyball friends at the tournaments. Lori has been involved with promoting wallyball and helping with tournaments since 1999. She has co-hosted numerous tournaments, open wallyball and wallyball leagues. She does a lot behind the scenes that usually goes un-noticed. I think she likes it that way. Without her help, wallyball would not be the success it is today.

 Lori is a software engineer and hopes to retire soon.  Lori’s enthusiasm, dedication and talent are integral components of the Wallyball mission.