Occupation:  Information Systems Manager (Pugleasa Company, Inc.)

Hobbies/Activities:  Wallyball, volleyball, snow skiing, water skiing, wakeboarding, bare-footing, canoe racing, mountain biking, camping (Boundary Waters Canoe Area), hunting (deer, duck, pheasants), fishing.

Wallyball Background:  I started playing sand and indoor volleyball in 1999.  In 2002, a friend asked my wife and I to try wallyball; we've been playing ever since.  In addition to the technical skills needed, I really enjoy the game intensity.   By the end of a night of league play, which is usually 9 games, I really feel like I've had a good cardio workout.  I just wish I would have started playing sooner!

Jamie  Stegeman

2005 - 2007 Board of Directors - Wallyball Information Network
2005 - 2007 Rules Committee - Wallyball Information Network
2003 - 2005 Minnesota Wallyball Board of Directors