Allison  Stegeman
2005 - 2007 Board of Directors - Wallyball Information Network
2005 - 2007 Rules Committee - Wallyball Information Network
2003 - 2005 Minnesota Wallyball Board of Directors
Occupation:  Software Developer

Hobbies/Activities:  running (usually one marathon a year and other shorter races), wallyball, volleyball (sand and indoor), softwall, biking, skiing, camping, playing piano, baking

Wallyball Background: I started playing volleyball as a seventh grader and have participated in that sport ever since. A friend of my husband's asked us to check out the sport of Wallyball. Neither of us had ever played Wallyball before and were intrigued by what we had heard. We were hooked after the first night! Wallyball is a fun sport that I am enjoying learning. The league I am currently playing in offers me the chance to learn and improve my Wallyball skills. It even has me thinking crazy thoughts like, "What exercises could I do to increase my vertical jump?" Becoming a Wallyball player is challenging me in a way that I haven't been challenged for a very long time. It is a great sport!