What level of player are you ?
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Wallyball Skills

1) The ability to get to a ball and get it in the air.
2) Setting (bumping or hand setting..but do not need to do both) You can set to a specific spot.
3) Ball placement accuracy -
4) Normal Serving
5) Advanced Serving (Spin)
6) Passing - you can pass the ball accurately.
7) Receiving the Serve
8) Receiving Spikes

The OPEN division has a 80% - 100% accuracy using the above skills.
The ADVANCED division has a 50% - 80% accuracy using the above skills.
The INTERMEDIATE division has a 25% - 50% accuracy using the above skills.

Please note that it does not include blocking or how hard you can spike.

Any player can raise their arms and attempt to block. Any player can hit a ball hard and have no clue where it is going.

Use the following definitions:

Please click on the division name and read the specific rules for each division (at the end of each document).

The OPEN DIVISION OPEN DIVISION is the highest level of play. Players know and abide by all the game and ball handling rules of the sport.  Players generally have many years of experience playing wallyball and/or volleyball. They are an all around consistent player. They have been acclimated to tournament play through years of tournament level competition. In addition to very strong wallyball skills, OPEN wallyball players generally have several years of volleyball experience as well. What often separates OPEN level wallyball players from ADVANCED level players with the same volleyball skill level is the amount of experience playing wallyball. The OPEN level requires a unique skill set that is not entirely transferable from volleyball.  A level volleyball players, as a rule, DO NOT step onto a wallyball court the first several times and excel as wallyball players, but rather take months, if not years to develop into top caliber wallyball players.

The ADVANCED Division. These players know and abide by most of the game and ball handling rules of the sport. At this level, players exhibit good proficiency at bumping, setting, and spiking.  Players often excel at one or even two of these skills but are not as skilled all around as the OPEN player. Normally, ADVANCED players do not have as much ball control as the OPEN players or cannot set consistently.

The INTERMEDIATE Division. Players  know and try to abide by the game and ball handling rules of the sport.  Their skills are still developing, but they are considered a pretty good player. An INTERMEDIATE player is  just learning the ball handling techniques.

The BEGINNER Division. These players are learning the game rules and ball handling skills required for the game.  They are  on the court to have a great time and learn the game.  The BEGINNER's skills are still developing, and they are mostly a social player.

The RECREATIONAL Division is a great way to get involved with wallyball.  Players in this division have played the game, know most of the rules, but would rather not worry about the rules. Each player will do the best that they can. It is “Call your own”…..There's no performance pressure here it's all about experiencing the sport in a lifestyle-charged atmosphere.

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