Minnesota  Wallyball  History
Wallyball was played as early as 1978 in Minnesota. It wasn't called wallyball back then.  I believe that John Zabel played back then. More information is needed from this era.

Wallyball was invented in Calabasas, CA by Joe Garcia. Probably the most famous player of all time was President George Bush. Joe eventually sold his rights to the game to Mike O'Hara, a businessman and former Olympic men's volleyball player. The WII ( Wallyball International Inc ) was formed.

Steve Fuhrman heard about a new game called wallyball that some dude out in california had started. A friend moved from Illinois to Minnesota and brought me a copy of the official rule book. We started playing wallyball at International Village, an apartment complex were I lived at the time.

The Bloomington Bombers wallyball team formed. The original team consisted of Steve Fuhrman, Jeff Olson, Jeff Corcoran, and Bob Biondich. International Village League formed and competed against other clubs in the south minneapolis area. Jeff Olson likes to drink lots of pepsi. During league play he sometimes had brown foam arround his mouth because he jumped arround too much.

Bloomington Bombers League Champs - Jeff Olson,Steve Fuhrman,Bob Biondich,Jeff Corcoran

First State Tournament on record - Prior Lake, Mn ** As far as we know **

State Mens Fours Champions, Division A - Bloomington Bombers
Bloomington Bombers League Champs - Steve Fuhrman,Jeff Olson,Jeff Corcoran,
Bob Biondich

Bloomington Bombers League Champs - Bob Biondich,Jeff Olson,Jeff Corcoran,
Steve Fuhrman

Bloomington Bombers League Champs -Jeff Olson,Bob Biondich,Steve Fuhrman

Jeff & Barb Dilbert run the Northland Fitness leagues. He will continue to do so for the next 10 years.

State Men's Fours Champions, Division A - Mark Fuhrman, John Patterson, ?, ?

AWA ( American Wallyball Association ) is formed by some of the members of the WII executive committee who disagreed with the direction the WII was taking wallyball. Rudy Morel, the leader of the AWA was one of these individuals.
Most of the Bloomington Bombers retire.

State Men's Champions, Division A - Jeff Dilbert,Jeff Jones,John Patterson,____?
State Men's 2nd Place, Division A - The Hit Men ( Cervantes )
State Men's Doubles Champions, Division A -  Mark Fuhrman & John Patterson
State CoRec 4's  2nd Place - Division B - Mark Fuhrman,Jim Greenberg,Wendy Barron,Jean Carlson
State CoRec Doubles 3rd Place Division A - Mark Fuhrman,Dawn Syverson
Winter Classic CoRec 3rd Place Division B - Wendy Barron,Mark Fuhrman,Jeremy Chapman,
Diane Amudson
Winter Classic Men's 3rd Place Division B - Darrin McDonald,Mark Fuhrman,Gary Albers,
Mark ( Tall dude from I.V. )

State CoRec  2nd Place Dividion B - Jeremy Chapman,Jean Carlson,Wendy Barron,Mark Fuhrman
State Men's 2nd Place Division B - Jim Greenberg,Mark Fuhrman,Scott Lambert,Jeremy Chapman

New land speed record was set getting to this tournament.  Mark Fuhrman drove his
team to the tournament in Forrest Lake at over 100 MPH!!   In a cavalier....

State CoRec 2nd Place Division B - Deb McDonald,Wendy Baron,Jeremy Chapman,Mark Fuhrman

The State Tournament is moved to Northtown Racquet & Fitness Club. Several players including
Shawn Kilian,Steve Fuhrman,Mitch Hector, Char & Zak help with the tournament and leagues.

Kings Court league is founded. It started as a singles league.
The AWA started hosting tournaments in our area.

State Men's Open Champions - The Hit Men
State Men's Triples Open 2nd Place - Jeff Dilbert,Jeff Jones,Matt Theiler,Terry Sender
State Coed Fours Intermediate 2nd Place - Deb McDonald, Steve Fuhrman, Jean Carlson, Mark Fuhrman.
National Men's Intermediate 4's  2nd Place (Westerville, Ohio) - Jeff Dilbert,  need other names

State Men's Open Champions - The Hit Men
State Mens Advanced Triples 2nd Place - Steve Fuhrman,Shawn Kilian,Dave Kolby
State CoRec Intermdediate Champions - Lori Ellsworth,Gene Schaffer,Steve Cafferty,Cheryl Lanzy
State CoRec Advanced Champions  - Mark Fuhrman,Jeremy Chapman,Jean Carlson,
Deb McDonald

State Men's Open Triples Champions - Jason Sandberg, Darin Sandberg, ?
State Coed Open Triples Champions -  Jeff Dilbert, Barb Dilbert, Lance Olson
State Mens Advanced Doubles Champions - Jason Lind,Steve Smith
State Mens Advanced Doubles 2nd Place - Mark Fuhrman,Tina Schwantes
Nationals CoRec Doubles Intermediate Champions - Tina Schwantes, Mark Fuhrman
National CoRec Triples Intermediate Champions  Mark Fuhrman,Tina Schwantes,John Zabel
National Mens Advanced Champions - Jason Lind,Jason Sandberg,Darin Sandberg

Wallyball loses two large Fitness Clubs .
Northtown Racquet & fitness Club and Northland Fitness Club
close down. Hundreds of players look for other places to play.
Jeff Jones start running the Sheland Wallyball League.
Steve Fuhrman turns down job offer with the Wallyball International, Inc.
Scott Glenn dives so much at Nationals that he bleeds through his knee pads.

State Mens Doubles Open Champions - Mark Fuhrman,Tina Schwantes
State Mens Triples Open Champions - Jason Lind,Jason Sandberg,Darin Sandberg
State CoRec Triples Open Champions - Tina Schwantes,Mark Fuhrman,Lance Olson
National Mens Doubles Advanced 2nd Place - Jason & Darin Sandberg
National Womens Triples Open Champions - Lori Chardderdon,Mary Kochenderfer,Val Peterson
National Mens Intermediate Champions - Jeremy Glass,Adam Zachman,Jake Lourias,Mitch Hector
National Open Doubles 3rd Place - Mark Fuhrman,Tina Schwantes
National Mens Advanced Champions - Scott Glenn,Mark Fuhrman,Lance Olson
National CoRec Advanced Triples Champions - Mark Fuhrman,Tina Schwantes,Lance Olson
National CoRec Intermediate Doubles Chanpions - Lance Olson,Shannon Olson
National Womens Intermediate Triples Champions - Deb McDonald,Tina Schwantes,Shannon Olson
Central Courts Valentines Classic Mens Open Champions - Scott Glenn,Mark Fuhrman,Lance Olson
Central Courts Valentines Classic CoRec Open Champions - Tina Schwantes,Mark Fuhrman,
Lance Olson
Central Courts Valentines Classic Mens Advanced Champions - Mitch Hector,Denny Rowe,
Steve Smith
Central Courts Valentines Classic CoRec Advanced Champions - Denny Rowe,Mitch Hector,
Prudy or Linda
Central Courts Valentines Classic  CoRec Intermediate Campions - Lori Ellsworth, Gene Schaffer,
Carol Schaffer,Steve Cafferty
Stratford CoRec League Champions - Tina Schwantes,Mark Fuhrman
March Madness Men's Open  Champions - Jason Lind,Darin Sandberg,Jason Sandberg
March Madness CoRec Open Champions - Lance Olson,Tina Schwantes,Mark Fuhrman
March Madness Men's Doubles Open Champions - Jeff Dilbert, _____?

The Seina Pallo tournament is started by Mark Fuhrman. The first Seina Pallo is held at Stratford
Wood Apartments. It was hosted by Scott "Skymaster" Stevens & Mark "Butthead" Fuhrman.
Here is some of the information from the official invite.
Skill Levels:
1) What's Wallyball ??  - Never heard of the terms "carry", "throw", or "net".
2) Novice - Play only for fun and I know most of the rules
3)Intermediate - Play in leagues and maybe some tournaments
4) Advanced - I have played in several tournaments and man, am I good!
5) Open - Smell, eat, sleep, and live for wallyball.......
Hosts not responsible or liable for any injuries or accidents including broken/sprained ankles, swollen elbows, bruised knees, sprained fingers, broken necks, dislocated shoulders, facelifts from a speeding spike or wall plants, etc.

Seina Pallo World Champions - Mark Fuhrman,Rhonda Centers,Eileen Bock
Seina Pallo MVP - Rhonda Centers
State CoRec Triples Open Champions - Mark Fuhrman,Tina Schwantes,Lance Olson
State Mens Open Doubles Champions - Jason Lind,Darin Sandberg
State Mens Triples Open Champions - Mark Fuhrman,Lance Olson,Scott Glenn
State CoRec Triples Intermediate Champions - Scott Fuhrman,Linda Kjedahl,Steve Fuhrman
State Mens Doubles Advanced Champions - Scott Fuhrman,Steve Fuhrman
Snowbrawl Men's Champions - Darin Sandburg,Jason Sandburg,Jason Lind
Snowbrawl CoRec Champions - Lance Olson,Tina Schwantes,Mark Fuhrman
Snowbrawl Men's Doubles Champions - Mark Fuhrman,Tina Schwantes
Stratford CoRec League Champions - Mitch Hector,Mark Fuhrman,Julie Holovnia
Stratford Sunday CoRec League Champions - Julie Holovnia,Mark Fuhrman,Mitch Hector
March Madness Men's Open Champions - Scott Glenn,Mark Fuhrman,Lance Olson
March Madness CoRec Open Champions - Tina Schwantes,Mark Fuhrman,Lance Olson

King & Queen of the Court Tournament started at Central Courts by Mitch Hector
The Minneapolis Star & Tribune newspaper run an article about wallyball. In the newspaper picture are featured Eileen Bock,Mark Fuhrman,Jason Lind,Cheryl Berg-Fuhrman,Scott Steven's Daughter,Rhonda Centers. Wallyball was featured on the 10 PM news on the Randy Shaver Sports Extra. Jake Louicas brings down ceiling tiles during the State Tournament, while Mark Fuhrman developes " Puffy Wallyball Elbow Disease ".
The MWA ( Minnesota Wallyball Association ) is formed due to the lack of support by the AWA and the WII.  The MWA starts hosting tournaments. Steve Fuhrman is the founder.

State Mens Doubles Open Champions - Mark Fuhrman,Lance Olson
State Mens Triples Open Champions - Jason Lind,Darin Sandberg,Jason Sandberg
State CoRec Triples Open Champions - Mark Fuhrman,Tina Schwantes,Jeremy Glass
State Mens Advanced Doubles Champions - Jake Louricas,Tina Schwantes
State Mens Advanced Triples Champions - Tina Schwantes,Mitch Hector,John Zabel
National CoRec Intermediate Triples Champions -Lori Ellsworth,Scott Fuhrman,Steve Fuhrman
National Womens Advanced Triples Champions - Lori ( PorkChop ), Mary Kochenderfer,Val Peterson
National Womens Advanced Triples 2nd Place - Lori Ellsworth,Tina Schwantes,Michelle Pullis
Stratford CoRec League Champions - Mark Fuhrman,Scott Fuhrman,Deb McDonald
Stratford Sunday Tournament Champions - Mark Fuhrman,Deb McDonald,Scott Fuhrman
Stratford CoRec League Champs - Steve Fuhrman, Lori Ellsworth,Scott Fuhrman
King of the Court - Jeremy " Da Man " Glass
Queen of the Court - Michelle Pullis

Seina Pallo World Champions - Mitch Hector,Dave Zimmerman
Seina Pallo MVP - Denny Rowe
Seina Pallo Dead Last - Sherman Kwan,Wendy Barron,Bob Stachowiak
State Mens Open Doubles Champions - Mark Fuhrman,Jason Lind
State Mens Triples Open Champions - Jeff Dilbert,Mark Fuhrman, Darin Sandberg
State CoRec Triples Open Champions - Mark Fuhrman, Jason Lind,Stacy Gutzmer
State CoRec Open Doubles Champions - Tina Schwantes,Darin Sandberg
Stratford CoRec  League Champs - Lori Ellsworth,Steve Fuhrman,Scott Fuhrman
King of the Court - Jason Lind
Queen of the Court - Michelle Pullis

State CoRec Triples Open Champions - Tina Schwantes,Mark Fuhrman,Jason Lind
State Womens Open Triples Champions - Tina Schwantes,Melissa Marci-Hanson,Stacy Gutzmer
                  King of the Court - Jason Lind
Queen of the Court - Melissa Marci-Hanson
Seina Pallo World Champions - Lori Ellsworth,Jeff Christenson,Bob Stachowiak
Seina Pallo Championship Match Losers - Steve Fuhrman,Andy Norell,Sherry Quarnstrom
Seina Pallo Turd Place - Deb McDonald, Scott Fuhrman,Brian Thiel
Seina Pallo Court Animals - Sherry Quarnstrom,Jeff Solie,Brenda Meyer
Seina Pallo " I should have stayed home award "  - Linda K.
Seina Pallo Hustle Award - Sherry Quarnstrom
Seina Pallo Sluggo ( slow ) Award - John Freundschuh
Seina Pallo MVP - Jeff Christenson
Seina Pallo We Stink Award ( Dead Last ) - Jeff Solie,Bonnie Drietz,??
Seina Pallo Worst Shorts Award - Mark Fuhrman

Central Courts thursay night league starts with 7 teams. The AUWP ( Association of United Wallyball Players ) is formed with an executive governing board of 10 players. The Minnesota Wallyball Association pledges full support to this organization. The AWA and WII break all ties with the MWA organization after being asked to help promote the sport of wallyball. Board members from our area are Lori Ellsworth ( Secretary ) and Steve Fuhrman ( Rules Co-Director )

Midwest CoRec Doubles Champions - Andy Norell, Monica Brady
Midwest CoRec Doubles 2nd Place - Deb McDonald ( DD ),Mark Fuhrman
Midwest CoRec Triples Division A Champions - Jason Lind,Jill Keller,Greg Heilman
Midwest CoRec Triples Division B Champions - Scott Fuhrman,Monica Brady,John Freundschuh
Midwest Mens Triples Champions - Adam Zachman,Mitch Hector
Midwest Mens Triples 2nd Place - Jeff Dilbert,Linsey Dilbert,Mark Fuhrman
Midwest Womens Champions - Lori Ellsworth,Jeanne Vergeldt
King of the Court - Jason Lind
Queen of the Court - Monica Brady
Princess of the Court - Lori Ellsworth
CoRec Challenge Champions - John Freundschuh,Rich Zeman,Sharol Bartlett
CoRec Challenge 2nd Place - Denny Rowe,Monica Brady,Scott Fuhrman
Vancouver Island Tournament Mens Advanced 3rd Place - Lori Ellsworth,Steve Fuhrman
Las Vegas Tournament Mens Open 2nd Place - Pat Goldsmith,Matt Rhone
Las Vegas Tournament Mens Intermediate 2nd Place - Scott Fuhrman,Matt Holacheck
Las Vegas Tournament CoRec Open Draw Champions - Mitch Hector,Amanda Burnette
Las Vegas Tournament Corec Advanced Draw Champions - Scott Fuhrman,Jeannie Kucharczyk
Las Vegas Tournament CoRec Advanced Draw 2nd Place - Sherry Quarnstrom,Ron Davies
Seina Pallo World Champions - Mike Schmidt,Mitch Hector, Melissa Marci-Hanson
Seina Pallo Championship Match Losers - Oliver Metchel,Rich Zeman
Seina Pallo Turd Place - Brian Smith,John Freundschuh
Seina Pallo " We Lost to a Bunch of Turds" Place - Chris Hunt, Sharol Bartlett,Jeff Anderson
Seina Pallo "We Stink" Award - Bob " The Ref ", Deb "DD", Pat Bley "??"
Seina Pallo MVP's - Ed Meisel & Sharol Bartlett

Tachikara and the AUWP join forces to promote the sport of wallyball !! A three ( 3 ) year contract is signed. The Midwest Wallyball Tournament has a HUGE turnout and runs over 4 days !!
The USRA becomes a strategic partner with the AUWP. The Original BallBag company becomes a national sponsor of the AUWP.

King of the Court - Jason Lind
Queen of the Court - Sharol Bartlett
Prince of the Court - Steve Fuhrman
Princess of the Court - Lori Ellsworth
45 and over  "Top Dawg" - Denny Rowe
Central Courts Winter League Champions - Sharol Bartlett,Mark _____?
Central Courts Winter League 2nd Place - Jake Louricas,Monica Brady
Central Courts Winter League 3rd Place - Jim Merefield,Cindy Germain,Dana ______?
Central Courts Winter League 4th Place - Ed Meisel,Scott Fuhrman,Jeff Anderson
CoRec Challenge Champions - Scott Fuhrman, Deb McDonald, Jeff Anderson
CoRec Challenge 2nd Place - Jake Louricas, Monica Brady
April Fools Tournament, La Mesa Calif.
Mens's Lower Advanced Doubles Champions - Steve Fuhrman, Ed Stocke
Mens Advanced Triples 2nd Place - Steve Fuhrman,Scott Weishaar, Wayne Burnette
Womens Advance Triples 2nd Place - Lori Ellsworth,Donna Nichols,Steph Schweter
1st Annual AUWP Wallyball Tournament Results ( Reno, NV )
Women's Intermediate Doubles Champions - Lori Ellsworth,Kristi Swensen ( OR )
Men's Advanced Triples 2nd Place - Steve Fuhrman,Wally Choo ( Canada ),Scott Weishaar ( OR )
Mens's Intermediate Triples 2nd Place - Ed Meisel, Scott Fuhrman,Stu Scott ( CA )
Women's Intermediate Triples Champions - Lori Ellsworth,Bobbi Amundsen ( CA ),Denise Rondeau ( MA )
Co-Rec Advanced Triples 2nd Place - Lori Ellsworth,Steve Fuhrman,Wayne Burnette ( CA )
20th Midwest Wallyball Regionals
Combined Age ( 110 + ) Division A 1st Place - Mark, Rich Zeiman, Sharol Bartlett
Combined Age ( 110+ ) Division A 2nd Place - Mark Fuhrman,Mitch Hector,Sherry Quarnstrom
Combined Age ( 110 + ) Division B 1st Place - Steve Fuhrman,Lori Ellsworth,Eric Messer
Combined Age ( 110 + ) Division B 2nd Place - Monica Brady,Brad,Bob Randahl
Combined Age ( 110 + ) Division C 1st Place - Mark Aizzo,Andy Linde,Todd Thompson
Combined Age ( 110 + ) Division C 2nd Place - Steve Simanski,John Linde,Mark Simanski
Co-ed Doubles Division A 1st Place - Jason Lind,Jill Keller
Co-ed Doubles Division A 2nd Place - Andy Norel,Monica Brady
Co-ed Doubles Division B 1st Place - Mitch Hector,Sherry Quarnstrom
Co-ed Doubles Division B 2nd Place - Pete Sharbo,Gretchen Gilbertson
Co-ed Doubles Division C 1st Place - Scott Fuhrman.Shelby Johnson
Mens Triples Division A 1st Place - Jason Lind,Adam Zachman,Mitch Hector
Mens Triples Division A 2nd Place - John Freundschuh,Brad,Matt
Mens Triples Division B 1st Place - John Conley,Pete Conley,Corey Bachand ( Superior WI )
Junior Womens Triples 1st Place - Sara,Carley,Catie
Junior Womens Triples 2nd Place - Jamie Miller,Erika,Lauren
Junior Womens Triples Consulation - Brianna Fuhrman,Jamie Fuhrman,Becky
Co-ed Triples Division A 1st Place- Jeremy Glass,Tina Schwantes,Jake Louricas
Co-ed Triples Division A 2nd Place - Lance Olsen,Shannon Olsen,Adam Zachman
Co-ed Triples Division B 1st Place - Scott Fuhrman,Shelby Johnson,Andy Norel
Co-ed Triples Division B 2nd Place - Greg Heilman,Sherman Kwan,Jill Keller
Co-ed Triples Division C 1st Place - Lori Ellsworth,Joel Jennissen,Steve Fuhrman
5th Annual Wallyball Charity Event
1st Place (turkey) : Tina Schwantes, Jimmy Strozyk
Last Place (Cornish hen): Andy Norell (gave hen to Little John),Brianna Fuhrman,Kathy Higgins

The AWA and the WII announce that they will sponsor a national tournament together
and will use the WII rules. The tournament will take place in New York City.
The AUWP National Tournament will be held in Minnesota. This is the first time a national tournament will be in Minnesota.
The AUWP is renamed US Wallyball. Joe Garcia desolves current board of Directors.

Top of the Heap Women's Winner - Sharol Bartlett
Top of the Heap Women's  Master - Lori Ellsworth
Top of the Heap Junior Women's Winner - Brianna Fuhrman
Top of the Heap Junior Men's Winner - Joe Manson
Top of the Heap Men's Winner - Andy Norel
Top of the Heap Men's Master ( 40 - 45 ) - Scott Glenn
Top of the Heap Master ( 46 + ) - George Schneider

Steve Fuhrman turns down offer to become President of US Wallyball.
The Minnesota Wallyball Association becomes the Wallyball Information Network (WIN!),
a 501 (C) (3) non-profit organization. WIN! consists of Steve Fuhrman, Lori Ellsworth, Scott Fuhrman, George Schneider, Jamie Stegeman, and Allison Stegeman.

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Who's Played the Longest in our area?? - * as of 2010

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Steve Fuhrman 30 years
Oliver Metchel 26 years
Dick Flipp          23 years (retired)
Lori Ellsworth   25 years
George Schneider      22 years
Mike Schmidt   21 years ( Perham Minnesota )
Jeff Urman       19 years
Barb Dilbert      19 years ( retired )
Jeff Dilbert       19 years (retired)
Mark Fuhrman  18 years (retired)
Brad Mason     17 years (retired)
Denny Rowe    17 years
Scott Fuhrman  15 years
Anne Flipp       14 years (retired)
Tina Schwantes         14 years (retired)
Deb McDonald           11 years (retired)